Who is Nicole?

The short version

I’m a Strategist and Solution-Finder who transformed unfamiliar and overwhelming life experiences into catalysts for my personal and professional success. 

But more than that…

I’m a daughter, sister and auntie who would drop anything for my family, a friend who always wants to see others win, and an entrepreneur leveraging my insight to distill any challenge my clients’ face into actionable steps for their growth.

I’m passionate about coming alongside teens navigating the freefall of adolescence, college students and young professionals figuring out the new world of “adulting” and allies living out a journey to racial equity. 

I was born in El Doret, Kenya, the youngest daughter of two professors

My Mom still tells me about the time she found her students standing a circle outside our home waiting for her to arrive. In the middle of the circle was 4 year old me – deep in discussion and captivating them with my stories. 

On our journey from Nairobi to Monterey, CA I walked excitedly up and down the aisles ready to chat with the melting pot of passengers making their way from around the globe. 

This was the beginning of a life-long love of connecting with others. I felt a spark in finding common ground with strangers who had seemingly unrelated experiences. 

Fast forward a few years.

The confident, extroverted youngster became an overwhelmed, insecure teen. Every stumbling block seemed like a personal deficit and every success seemed like a fluke.

There were countless times I would say to myself “Every one else has it all together…and I just don’t. I feel so alone”.

Then one day while reading to my niece, there was a line in Matilda that lit my spark all over again: “authors send their books into the world like ships unto the sea. With a message of Hope and a comforting message that we are not alone.”

I wasn’t alone. There were stories, shared experiences, and people who could not only relate to my feelings, they could equip me with the tools to lift myself up. The were tools readily available…if only one knew where to find them.

I carried these words with me in every challenge I faced. It helped me research resources, take risks, and build a community of support and solidarity.

That insight was too valuable not to share.

So I began mentoring younger students during my high school and college years.

I would pass on the knowledge I gained from my personal and academic experiences and help them seek out the tools they needed to overcome their own unique challenges.

My work led to me discover the phenomenon of Pluralistic Ignorance – the cousin of the Imposter Syndrome. Pluralistic Ignorance  shows up every day in our lives, but because many people don’t know what it is they can’t fight against it. 

Pluralistic Ignorance occurs when majority of people in a group privately struggle with feelings of doubt but present a front of confidence because they believe everyone else is confident and moving with ease. 

When I heard this I said, “WHOA. That’s me. That’s so many people I know, young and old, rich and poor. This is universal!” 

No one believes they have it all together but we all pretend that we do, because we think everyone else surely does!

I decided to channel my greatest insight into a TEDx talk. After all, I had an idea worth sharing.

People needed to know what this is and how it shows it up their lives. I also wanted to tell them how to push through this. 

So I created 4 actionable steps that can be applied to all challenging experiences. They are simple to remember and life changing when followed through. 

As my message resonated with so many, another spark ignited.

LOVE taking obstacles that seem daunting and breaking them down into actionable steps.

LOVE coming alongside people in their challenges and seeing a furrowed brow of worry become eyes lit up with empowerment.

As I expanded my work, I found countless non-Black people paralyzed in anxiety but eager to be well-informed allies for racial equity. With my partnership, their anxiety dissolved.

The more people from all walks of life that I work with, the clearer it is to me that I not only have a passion but a SKILL of empowering others.

What I’m most proud of is seeing the confidence of my clients’ grow as we work together.

It’s the smile on people’s faces when they hear me speak and say “I felt this but I just never had the words”. I know that this can be you as well. 

Feedback & Reviews

“That initial phone call to Nicole may be the best decision you will have made in a very long time.”

Dr. William Lessa

(Family Therapist)
“Nicole’s talk was deeply insightful. She made me cry, smile and nod in agreement. I know speakers who have traveled for years attempting to convey information to new audience who aren’t half as effective.”


Audience Member
“Nicole is someone you want to have in your life to inspire you to get where you want to go. ”

Anisa Eshraghi

(Medical Student)