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Nicole is a professional motivational speaker with years of presentation and on-stage experience. Her speeches are fiercely funny, and captivatingly informative with rave reviews from audience members ranging from teen students to seasoned professionals.

Pluralistic Ignorance occurs when a majority of people within a group secretly individually have feelings of self-doubt or comparison to others but incorrectly assume that all others within the group are confident and thriving. I help others combat these feelings of isolation and inadequacy by embracing and finding empowerment in vulnerability in order to seek out community rooted in authenticity with 4 steps.

Seeking Empowerment Amidst Prejudice

by The Bedside Podcast

I appeared on The Bedside podcast to discuss my work rooted in empowerment and guidance of young adults. The conversation spans topics such as educational systems, racism, success authenticity and self-worth.

In a culmination of my research, advocacy and leadership accomplishments, I received the Temple University Diamond Award in 2018. The selective award is given to several students who who have demonstrated superior leadership, academic achievement, service to the University, and impact on a community (local, regional, or global).

Out of 400 applicants in North America, I was one of 65 students chosen to present my research at Stanford University in April 2018.

I continue to work with graduating students who are entering the workforce to cultivate their passions and navigate growth and leadership.

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“I could relate to all the examples Nicole spoke about and I really wish I had heard her message when I was younger! I could think of all the times I was stressed about exams at the library at 3am and nervous to share my grades and challenges with my friends and I am glad that she said what finally needed to be said! I was so inspired!”

Kelsey Krasinski

Student at Temple University

“Nicole’s session was an eye-opener. Pluralistic Ignorance is something that everyone experiences and I’m happy to put a name to it. I enjoyed how Nicole connected her personal experience as valuable examples…it resonated with me and everyone was engaged. Nicole will certainly bring her uniqueness to create a safe space to share and learn.”

Senior Consultant

Participant at Breaking Barriers Program

“I had students come to class afterwards with a changed mentality! They showed their vulnerabilities in a positive way.
As a teacher, you recognize those who ask questions and those who remain silent. After the presentation, everyone was asking very different, intuitive questions and it made me proud. Nicole did that!”

Kayla Yuskoski

House Director at Salesianum School